January 2, 2007

Prayer for Inner Peace and Transformation...

Dear God, come with me into this day. Be with me where the dark things are. Take my hand through the valley of shadow; cast out fear and pride from my heart. Allow me to see that great hollow spot in me that has never been transformed into you. Take me to the “Lazarus gulf”; do not spare me from the terror of it. Only, please God, do not let go of me for I will fall into my fear and leave you.

Praise be to you, shining shield of love. Alleluia to you, great God of warmth whose strong hand in my own keeps taking me to places I’d rather not go. My trust is in you, divine companion. O maker of mine, O giver of my life, trudge with me down my path of death into the murky mud of my sin. Stay with me as I see how unlike you I am, and then, beautiful gift of goodness, turn my heart around to face you. Allow me to behold the radiance of your astounding, wonderful beauty. Then, my loving God, I will be home. --Amen

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